meeting: our support partners

Please join us on Friday, 26. February 2016 at the Wesley United Methodist Church. We will be in room 129 from 4pm to 6pm. (Park and enter at the farthest side entrance, which faces north into an EIU parking lot. There will be a sign on the door.)


The focus of this meeting will be our support partners. While sometimes circumstances cause us to be single parents, mamas and babies are not meant to be alone in their breastfeeding journey. We need a strong support network behind us for every step of the way. What does this mean in your life? Have you come across some unexpected challenges or stellar solutions? Come share your experiences and your ideas for building a strong and successful breastfeeding family.

(See this page for a list of helpful links on this topic.)


Please also bring any general breastfeeding questions or concerns you may have. Our weekly meetings are a haven for breastfeeding families, where we can boast and vent, laugh and cry, and learn from each other’s successes and troubles.  Always come with your mind and your ears open!  🙂


2 thoughts on “meeting: our support partners

  1. My breastfeeding days are done. I nursed 2 children to almost 3yrs old. I am also a nurse and have a passion for helping others breastfeed their babies. I am not sure how I was invited to this group. My children are still ypung, 4yrs and 6yrs. Would their be purpose for me to come?


    1. Hello, Tashuana! I am also unsure how you were invited to the group, but if you are interested in coming to the meetings, you are certainly welcome! They are open to anyone supportive of breastfeeding. And I am always thrilled to find another breastfeeding-passionate person in our small community! –Meredith


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