meeting: breastfeeding pros & cons

Please join us on Friday, 18. March 2016 at the Wesley United Methodist Church from 4pm to 6pm. And we have a new meeting room! Park and enter at the west entrance at the back of the church, just past the church playground. The entrance has a sign labeled “office.” Once you enter the building, walk straight until you see our La Leche League sign at the room labeled “Parlor.”


The focus of this meeting will be breastfeeding pros & cons. It is pretty well accepted now that breastfeeding is the best food for your baby. In addition to nourishment, it provides comfort and stability, pain relief, and helps Baby sleep. It protects Baby’s gut and builds up her/his immune system. Breastfeeding benefits Mama, too: a breastfeeding mom has lower risks of certain diseases, for example; and the breastfeeding connection between Mama and Baby offers a completely new level of communication and overall parenting.

But what about cons? Breastfeeding is often a lot harder than we first imagined. Many of us don’t have family experience and support to get us to a good start in such a natural — but learned — mothering skill. We often don’t hear about the common troubles of breastfeeding until we’re right in the thick of things. Many of us are left with too many unanswered questions, or with confusing answers we’ve gotten from the internet that cause us to doubt whether breast is really best. [What if breastfeeding hurts? Can’t I just put my milk in a bottle? What about when Baby gets teeth?!]

Bring your experiences and your questions to the table. Moms: Why did you choose to breastfeed? Which of the benefits was most important to you before your baby arrived, and which of them do you value most now that you are a mom? Pre-moms: what ideas, hopes, and goals do you have for breastfeeding, and what are your worries? Do you have any lingering questions that just aren’t covered in the birth classes? Come share your triumphs and concerns with families in the same boat!

(See this page for a list of helpful links on this topic.)


Please also bring any general breastfeeding questions or concerns you may have. Our weekly meetings are a haven for breastfeeding families, where we can boast and vent, laugh and cry, and learn from each other’s successes and troubles.  Always come with your mind and your ears open!  🙂


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