meeting: sleep (& other challenges)

Please join us on Saturday, 09. July 2016 at the Heritage Woods Playground, located on Woodlawn Drive across the street from the Vineyard Church (where we have permission to park). We will be there from 10am-noon. There is a picnic shelter for shade and some cute play equipment; we can let the older ones & support partners play while we chat and nurse. (My partner will be there. Bring yours!) :)


The focus of this meeting will be sleep (& other challenges).

Are you desperate for some better sleep? Or have you discovered something that works? Stumped by another breastfeeding-related challenge? Bring it to the group! If you are a parent who has been there, come ready to share your experiences.

(See this page for a list of helpful links on this topic.)


Please also bring any general breastfeeding questions or concerns you may have. Our meetings are a haven for breastfeeding families, where we can boast and vent, laugh and cry, and learn from each other’s successes and troubles.  Always come with your mind and your ears open!  🙂


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