contact a Leader

Our group currently does not have an accredited Leader.* However, please email us at if you would like information about the group or our informal meetings. Even without a Leader, we still have an incredible group of supportive mamas ready to connect with you!


*Please be aware that without an accredited LLL Leader, we cannot offer LLL-approved information and support for breastfeeding. Until our new Leaders are accredited, this group will be an informal mom-to-mom support group ONLY. Please contact a medical professional, such as a lactation consultant or physician, if you require specific breastfeeding help.

For your information, we do have a couple of great WIC nurses in Charleston who can take breastfeeding-help calls from anyone (even if you are not receiving WIC support). Their number is (217) 549-7377, and they have given us permission to post this information here for any nursing mom.